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Amitabha Hospice Service respects all religions and spiritual practices, which inspire and encourage their practitioners, not to harm others and to be compassionate and benevolent.

We feel all people should have free access to their own houses of worship and ministers of their faith and be able to practice their beliefs freely, without prejudice.

We happily supply this list of non-Buddhist spiritual sources for death, dying and bereavement issues in the Auckland area, with their permission:

Christian - Ricky Walters - Chaplain, Manukau Institute of Technology -
Christian - Michael John - Chaplain, Auckland Hospital -
Baha'i - Alan Pelkowitz - Clinical Director, Auckland District Health Board -
Jewish - Jeremy Lawrence - Rabbi, Auckland Jewish Synagogue -
Muslim - Ummah - Community & New Generation Trust -

Power Point Presentations on Preparing for Death and the Death process from various perspectives: (You need Microsoft Power Point to open these)


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